David Robbins, Sr.


Port Norris, New Jersey

Managing the family oyster business in Port Norris didn’t allow much time for Dave to partake in sports.  he finally did start trapshooting in the early 1960’s when his family started the Delaware Bay Trap Club with one trap field.  Over time the club expanded to four lighted fields, but was unable to draw enough shooters to sustain operations.  The club ceased operation about 1969.

Dave recalls the firt shotgun he used was an old side-by-side Fox Sterlingworth which kicked the daylights out of him.  He’s used several shotguns since that time and is mostly known for his target smashing with a Winchester Model 12 and his current gun, a Crown Grade Krieghoff that used to be his father’s.

In 1965 Dave won the Pine Valley Club Championship and still has the trophy.  He’s the skinny little guy in the picture on Pine Belt’s wall case.  Few people know it but Dave also won the Clam Creek Championship, the event being held for some time at the old Atlantic City Gun Club.  The old silver-plated platter awarded to him proudly remains in his collection.

Dave broke his first 200-straight in Delaware.  He’s had too many of them to count but with this score he has captured championships and tropies at Florida Chain shoots at the Silver Dollar and Sarasota.  He won the handicap championship with 98 at Polk County.

Dave has never cournted his trophies but they are numerous and come from such places as the Atlantic City, Quaker City and Roxboro Gun Clubs in the earlier days.  he also possesses trophies from nearly every club he’s shot at to include State and Zone trophies.  He was twice New Jersey State Singles Champion (1972 & 1994) and was crowned Veteran Champ in 2002 and Sr. Veteran Champion in 2008.   He’s made the N. J. State Team eight times.  One of his favorite annual shoots is the Jersey Cricket which he’s shot for forty years, winning the championship four times and capturing the Veterans championship twice.

In 1973 Dave joined the Cavaliers.  He’s a winner of the infamous Rose Bowl.  He’s won the singles championship 4-times and the handicap championship 7-times. Of course, he’s won many other Cavalier trophies including the all-around.

Dave is a member of the Atlantic Indians, being accepted ito that organization in 1993.  He’s won many trophies during their spring and fall tournaments, including the singles championship and more importantly the Signal of Peace (Horse) trophy as handicap champion in 2006.  His father, Leon H. Robbins, won the “horse” in 1976.

In the early days Dave was a member of the Atlantic City and Pine Valley Gun Clubs.  Currently, he is a member of Pine Belt and the Quinton Sportsmens’ Clubs.

Of Dave’s most memberable life events was his 200-straight in the 1994 State Singles Championship, in 1994.  That was the year a record five 200-straights were recorded and Dave bested Bally Allen,Phil Barber, Kenny Estes and Bob Malmstedt in the shoot-off winning his second Singles Championship.  Dave also holds shooting at and breaking his 100,000th registered target as a most memorable time.  That happened in 2007 the same year he and Debbie Ohye Neilson shot off for the Singles Championship after breaking 199 in the program.  Dave settled for the runner-up trophy.

Dave Robbins has been a gentleman shooter for as long as anyone has known him.  He is gracious in winning and always offers congratulations to those who best him.

At the end of the 2009 target year, Dave had registered 103,625 singles, 66,300 handicap and 37,400 doubles targets.