Dennis Lott


Dennis LottDennis was born in Riverside New Jersey in 1951 to Frank and Anna Lott older brother Frank Jr. and sister Florence.  His wife Fran and he have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.  He graduated from Riverside High School.  He became a union carpenter for 41 years, retired and then worked for Freeman Decorating for another 7. 

Guns always fascinated him because his father carried a 38 Smith and Wesson as his side arm while working for Brinks.  While growing up, his dad would take him to his aunt’s farm behind Nixon’s General Store in Tabernacle to watch Uncle Abner shoot pistol and then shotguns.  They would shoot old chicken eggs found in the barn.  One person would throw the egg in the air and his dad would annihilate it.  As he got older and was able to get a hunting license, he would go to the farm and by this time his Uncle Abner and bought a clay target thrower.  He had a 12 gauge L. C. Smith double barrel shotgun that he let him shoot.  He only hit oe but it was dead center with a black puff, nothing but dust.  He had a heck of a time hitting them but it was fun.

20 years later, working with a group of guys who only talked about hunting, they invited him to a friend’s farm to shoot some clay targets.  He thought it was great!  While talking to his friend Greer Gaskill, he told him of his shooting adventure at the farm and he suggested they take a ride to Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club to shoot regulation trap on Wednesday evening.  Dennis had bought a Remington 870 from a neighbor and he took it along.  At his first attempt he broke about 15, but enjoyed it.  They went back for several consecutive weeks.  Greer stopped but Dennis continued to shoot.  He would hit some just like the ones he hit with Uncle Ab’s double barrel.  Greer lent him a Browning Broadway over and under trap gun and he found that he could hit in the 20s out of 25.  His friend, Jimmy, told Dennis that his Mom, Pat Mannery, and her friend, Ed Marge, shot trap and wanted him to meet them at Pine Valley Gun Club one Saturday in May.  He showed up with his 870 and some shells in an Acme bag.  They were shooting registered trap where you shoot 100 targets.  He shot an 80 which was a big feat for a new shooter.  They took him into the clubhouse and “Toots” Tindall signed him up to shoot registered trap.  In June at the New Jersey State Shoot he broke his first 25.

After shooting all over the country for the last 25 years he has registered 150,000 targets and gone through 8 different trap guns.  His wife, Fran, shoots occasionally and when they went to Las Vegas Gun Club and received a pair of beautiful silver belt buckles.

Dennis is a life member of the ATA, NRA, Pine Belt Sportsman’s Association, past club president and life member of Pine Valley Gun Club and 13th generation from the Mayflower.  On any nice day you’ll find him at the gun club.