Edward E. Bahr

ATA #3501180

 Eddie was born in Plainfield, New Jersey in April of 1922 and grew up in both New Jersey and New York State, living all his adult life in New Jersey. He resided in Cranford and ran Edward Bahr Excavating Company before retiring to Beachwood, New Jersey. His dad, Edward C. Bahr, also enjoyed hunting and shooting. Eddie soon was hunting and shooting with his dad as he grew up. Eddie was an avid trapshooter. His children remember growing up and spending many weekends at various shoots in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In May of 1950, Eddie married Edith White of Cranford. They had four children, Diane being the oldest, followed by Tom, Cindy and Barbara.

Eddie, a life member, joined the ATA in 1953. In two years of registered shooting, Eddie captured the Handicap Championship at the 1955 Westy Hogans in Asbury Park with a 98×100.

Eddie was ahead of his time in shooting doubles. Eddie liked to shoot them fast (according to an interview with Everett DeGraw, a fellow trapshooter at the time) and that was unheard of back then. In 1956, Eddie captured the New Jersey Doubles Championship and in September of the same year the Doubles Championship at the Westy Hogans. Eddie captured the New Jersey Doubles Championship in 1957 and 1958 as well.

During all this time Eddie was involved with the New Jersey State Trapshooting Association, and in 1958 was elected President of the association, serving for two years.

In 1959, Eddie branched out and shot a 198×200 to capture the New Jersey Singles Championship. Then again in September of that year attended the Westy Hogans and captured the High All Around award.
In 1960 at the State Shoot, Eddie was tied for the Handicap Championship and lost by one target in the shoot off. He was runner-up in the Doubles Championship, and was Champion in the High All Around award.

Again in 1961, Eddie shot well at the New Jersey State Shoot, shooting a 198×200 and tying Dr. Whitford and Dom Scibilia. In the shoot off, Whitford ran the 50 and Dom and Eddie had 49s. The next day Eddie went out and won the Doubles Championship with a 95×100. That September, Eddie attended the Westy Hogan and won the Doubles title with a 96×100 capturing the HAA award once again

In 1963, Eddie won the Doubles Championship at the State Shoot and took class AA in the HAA. In 1965, Eddie once again took the New Jersey State High All Around title.

Eddie served as the New Jersey Delegate to the ATA. I started shooting back in 1965 and met Eddie at the Union County Shooting Range on Kenilworth Blvd. in Cranford. I joined the ATA in 1968 and Eddie was my Delegate. Eddie enjoyed “Flyer” shooting and would travel to Pennsylvania on Sunday to participate. He would tell stories about Flyer shooting in the clubhouse at the range. He talked my squad mates, and me back then, into trying it. It could be more addictive than clay target shooting!

Eddie passed away in 1995. During his career, Eddie shot at 37,400 singles, 26,725 handicap and 20,175 doubles targets.