Garnett “Arnie” Arnold

ATA #9702555

Garnett Arnold (better kown as Arnie) was born to a coal miner n Six, West Virginia in the 1930s.  For the first decade or so of Arnie’s life, he had never heard of trapshooting.  This quickly changed in 1954 when his brother, Bob, started shooting skeet.  This is what sparked Arnie’s early interest in trapshooting.  His first round of trap was around 1962 at Delaware County Sportsman Club in Springfield, Pennsylvania.  After this, Arnie and Bob traveled to many clubs in and around Philadelphia.

In 1968 Arnie moved into South Jersey, where he started visiting Pine alley Gun Club.  Almost every weekend, Pine Valley Gun Club had twelve to fifteen squads a day.  It was a very nice, well-attended club at the time and everyone was very welcoming.

In 1972, Arnie went into business and started Arnold’s Excavating Company where he built service stations throughout the Tri-State area.  This endeavor kept him very usy until the oil embargo resulted in a lack of excavating work.  The lack of work for Arnold’s Excavating Company then led Arnie to buy a heating oil company in the eary 1980s.  Located in Audubon, New Jersey, the business was successful for quite a few years.  Whilst owner of Audubon Cesco, Arnie became the president of the South Jersey Oil Heat Association three times over the span of thirty years.  He has also been involved (and still is today) wth the Fuel Merchant Association and the Petroleum Market Association of America.

In the year of 1997, Arnie was finally able to get back into the sport he really loved.  He found however, his first trip back to Pine Valley was not how he remembered it.  In his eyes, Pine Valley Gun Club needed a little help to get back and up-to-date with other clubs in the South Jersey area.

Not long after returning to Pine Valley, Arnie and his beautiful life partner, Geri, decided to help the club become more attractive to shooters in the area.  Over the next years, they did just that.

One big project that Arnie and Geri tackled was building a new kitchen at Pine Valley.  Now, according to Arnie, the members of the gun club can order a good meal and listen to a lot of excuses as to why they missed so many targets.  There are so may excuses they can’t remember which to use, and Arnie says he’s sure there are plenty they haven’t even thought of yet.  Most of Arnie’s efforts went toward trying to promote PVGC over the years.  He truly wanted people to see the club as a comfortable and relaxing place to shoot and have fun with friends.

Since 1997 Arnie has shot over 107,000 targets in sixteen yards and over 35,000 targets in handicap.  His first 100 was at the pennsylvania State shoot and, since them, he has had quite a few more perfect rounds.  He is a lifetime member at both Pine Valley and Pine Belt Gun Clubs.  Arnie feels lucky to have been accepted onto the Second State Team in 2006.

Garnett Arnold would like to tank the New Jersey State Hall of Fame committee for nominating him for this outstanding award.  trapshooting has been such a phenomenal part of his life and he does not know where he would be without it today.