Joseph Sissano

ATA #8000301

Joe Sissano, as he is called by most, was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in June of
1945. Joe spent his childhood and adolescent years there, attending Saint Mary’s
grammar and high school. He spent two years in college, and realized he would
like to get into the work environment. He obtained a position with Exxon
Research and Engineering as a Research Technician in 1967. That proved to be
the job Joe would come to love. He spent the next thirty-six years there moving
up the corporate ladder and retired in 2003 as a Research Chemist.

In 1966 Joe got his first hunting license and began to hunt with his older brother, Frank. As
they hunted Joe began to really like shooting, but hunting only provided a way to shoot a few
shots each year. Wanting to shoot more, Joe went to the Union County Trap range in
Kenilworth to shoot trap. In his first outing he broke thirteen targets out of twenty-five and
was now hooked. He joined the ATA in 1968 and began shooting registered targets.
In 1970 Joe moved to Lawrence Harbor, New Jersey and stopped shooting because he was
focused on his career and needed to work a lot of overtime. During this period he moved to
Cranford, New Jersey. In 1980 Joe was promoted to Research Technologist ending his overtime
work, and began to shoot again. Joe’s friend Al Potocco, suggested he go shooting with
him at the Somerset Fish and Game Club , where Joe first met Ed Yanchok who was running
the club, and renewed his membership in the ATA.

In 1986 he married his charming wife, Mary Ann. This was truly a marriage made in heaven
because they spent their honeymoon at a Pine Belt shoot that Joe wanted to attend. It was a
good choice because Joe won the handicap event, earned a half yard punch bringing him to
the 27 yard line for the first time. He also made the New Jersey State Team that year. In 1988
Joe shot a two hundred straight at the Northeastern Grand and tied with Frank Little for the
singles championship. Joe lost the shoot off by one target and had to settle for the AA Class
Trophy. Joe was asked to pose with Frank Little and the then ATA President, Randy Preston
for a picture. That picture appeared on the cover of the December 1988 issue of Trap & Field.
In 1994 he moved to Leonardo, New Jersey and still lives there with his wife.

During his career, Joe shot 253,125 singles, 132,300 handicap and 53,450 doubles targets and
from 1984 to 1994 Joe had a 96.66 singles average on over 60,000 targets. Over the years he
has won Class and Yardage trophies at the Dixie Grand, Southern Grand, Northeastern Grand,

Eastern Zone and the Westy Hogans. He also won trophies over the years at the New Jersey,
New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Connecticut State Shoots and also
at the Cavaliers and Atlantic Indians. In 2012 and 2013 he shot the most registered targets in
New Jersey, 20,600 and 34,250 respectively and also made the New Jersey State Veteran Teams.
Joe’s record of service to New Jersey trap shooters is outstanding. In 1990 he became a New
Jersey State Trapshooting Association Director; in 1993 Vice-President and from 1996 to 1999
the New Jersey State Trapshooting Association President. As President, Joe changed the size of
the New Jersey State Shoot Program to its current size and initiated the selling of ads to fund
its printing. In 2003 Joe became an ATA Life Member and was elected Alternate ATA Delegate
for New Jersey. In 2007 he was elected New Jersey ATA Delegate and still holds that position.
He is Chairman of the New Jersey State Shoot Rules Committee and is on the New Jersey
Southern Zone Shoot Rules Committee and the New Jersey Northern Zone Shoot
Classification Committee. Joe is a significant contributor to Trap & Field magazine, recognizing
the clubs and shooters of New Jersey in his column each month.