Len Fennimore

Len FennimoreATA #8200886

Len Fennimore was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1946. Len developed a love for the outdoors growing up near the banks of Newton Creek. As a youngster his Uncle gave him a pump BB gun after his promise not to shoot at birds. His Dad often took him target shooting, plinking at tin cans and pieces of chalk that would explode when he was lucky enough to hit one.

Len’s first exposure to trapshooting was as a young boy on his way to Boy Scout camp, he knew he was getting close when he heard the repeated sound of gun fire and his Dad explained it was trapshooting coming from Pine Valley Gun Club.  Little did he know he would walk through their doors twenty years later, be welcomed by Toots Tindall and fall in love with the sport of Trapshooting.

Len caught trapshooting fever when he and his brother-in-law Steve wanted to sharpen up
before small game season and shot some trap targets under the lights at the Cherry Hill Gun
clubs single trap field. After one round, breaking 18-19 targets, he was hooked!! He couldn’t
wait for Thursday nights to roll around, where he would sign up for every round in his quest
to break twenty-five straight. In his need to shoot more trap, he was soon traveling to Pine
Valley and Pine Belt every weekend they shot.

He would get there early (hard to believe) to sign up for every event he could and would ask
his new friends if they could use a hand getting ready while he waited to take the line. It didn’t
take long for Earl Pagliughi and Hank Stevenson to recommend Len for their respective
clubs board of directors, where his love for the sport and being involved quickly escalated.
Over the years while working his way to President of the NJSTA (92-95), he often helped Toots
with scoring at the NJ Southern Zone shoots and served on the Trophy, Rules and
Classification Committees. He chaired the States Shoot Off Committee from 1990 thru 1995.
In 1990, Wes Buchanan, after running the Jersey Crickets Shoot for 25 years, turned the reigns
over to Hank and Ruth Stevenson. For the next 20 years, Len helped by posting all scores and
selecting the winners. In 2010 Len took over the shoot and fulfilled his promise to see it
through it’s Fiftieth Anniversary last year.

In 2000, when Kenny Estes and NJSTA President Ken Miller joined forces to create our States
Trapshooting Hall of Fame, Len was honored by being asked to Chair the Selection
Committee, a post he held for their first ten years, during which time the committee inducted
twenty-two shooters.

Len became a member of the Cavalier’s in 1984 and the Atlantic Indians in 1989. After serving
on various committees of these trap shooting organizations, he was elected President of the
Cavaliers in 1998 and President of the Atlantic Indians in 2009. He’s proud and humbled of
winning the Cavalier’s Rose Bowl handicap trophy twice and the Atlantic Indians Signal of
Peace “Horse” handicap trophy twice.

Over the years Len has won trophies at many of the clubs in the Tristate area, but is most proud
of his involvement with the sport and the many friends he has made and hopes to continue
meeting in the years to come. He is a life member of Pine Valley Gun Club, Pine Belt
Sportsman, Wilmington Trap Association, the ATA and a Patron Member of the NRA. So far, Len has shot (at) 92,000 singles, 47,450 handicap and 39,850 doubles and is looking forward
to adding to these totals and continuing his involvement in a sport he discovered on his way
to Boy Scout camp many years ago.