Lewis R. Slocum, Sr.

ATA #0000131

Lewis was born on a farm in Laurence Township New Jersey in August of 1881.  Lew was mechanically inclined working with all the farm equipment, which led to one of his first jobs working in Trenton on motorcycles.  Lew raced motorcycles and one time a few of his friends rode out to the Reading Raceway in Pennsylvania to compete.  However, it started to snow and they all had to take a train home because of all the snow that day.

In 1908, Lew moved to Ewing Township and opened up a garage next to his residence.  Lew was a mechanic and worked on the new fangled contraption called the automobile!  Over the years, Lew’s business grew and he was able to hire good workers, which allowed him to get out and do some shooting.  Besides auto repairs he sold new Pontiacs and Grahams.

Lew married his wife Ethel in 1902 and had four children, three girls and a boy.  Ethel was also a trap shooter and would accompany him and their son Lewis, Jr. to shoots and compete.  Ethel won the New Jersey State Lady Singles title in 1930.

In 1923, Lew became a life member of the ATA and would travel to Vandalia Ohio in august to cmopete.  Lew Jr. recalls traveling with his Dad to Vandalia in an air cooled Franklin with their tent on the running boards of the car.   Back then it would take two to three days to make the journey.  Once in Vandalia, they would set up their tent (there were not many hotels or motels back then!) and join the other contestants in the various competitions.

Lew purchased a W&C Scott single barrel shot gun in 1926 for $00.  It came with a thirty inch ventilated ri barrel.  It was an English arms company from Birmingham England and Lew shot this gun throughout his shooting career.  His son Lewis Jr., is still using it to this day (Junior’s 90 years old)

In 1928, Lew won his first two New Jersey Championships, the prestigious Handicap Championship with a 98 and the All ARound Championship with a #379.

With a 196, Lew won the New Jersey Singles Championship in 1932.  The next year, he attended the Grand and was a member of East Team which defeated the team from the West by two birds.

Lew traveled to Ambler, Pennsylvania in 1934 to the Twin-Pike Club and won a four-way shoot off after tying with 23×25 flyers to secure the New Jersey Flyer Championship.  Lew’s second New Jersey Singles Title was won in 1935 and in 1940 he repeated it for the third time.

Lew sold the automobile business in 1939 and opened a bowling alley where the garage once was.  The bowling alley has been expanded over the years and the third and fourth generations of Slocums are still running it.

Lew stopped registering targets in 1949 according to the ATA’s records; during Lew’s shooting career he registered 59,800 singles, 12,475 handicap and 1350 doubles targets.

Lew passed away in November of 1955, he was 74.