Lou Pagliughi

ATA #0000148

Lou was born in March of 1890; he grew up on his Dad’s farm in Vineland New Jersey along with Lou Pagliughihis seven siblings.  His parents had immigrated to America from Italy in the 1800’s. They had a peach orchard and grew mainly sweet potatoes and other vegetables on their thirty acres.
Besides growing crops Lou’s Dad and uncles opened a Country Store where they sold their various crops along with general merchandise, including gasoline and repairing automobiles. Growing up, Lou was exposed to his father’s passion of hunting small game in the area. Lou
would go hunting small game with his Dad and uncles.  Lou married Minnie in 1920 and they decided to build their own three bedroom house. Hunting in that area at that time in New Jersey was so good, that doctors, lawyers and other hunters from the Philadelphia area would
travel to Louis’s home and sleep over for a few days for guided hunts. Selling shooting supplies and firearms began innocently enough, Lou started out purchasing shells and components for himself and because they lived in a remote area of the State, his neighbors would ask him to buy ammo for them too. His son Robert worked with his Dad in building the business. Louis Jr. followed in his uncle’s love of auto repair and had his own repair shop. Lou started out converting the “Family General Store” on his farm, initially retailing ammo, components and firearms and eventually wholesaling as well. As time went on, he kept adding additions to the
existing store, to accommodate the expanding business. Lou helped small clubs throughout the area promote shooting clay targets. Clubs that couldn’t afford the upfront cost of buying targets and shooting supplies, Lou would let them pay for them after they were sold. During all this time Lou was also becoming a great trap shooter winning awards in the area, State, and region of the country. Lou’s initial State Championship was the 1934 New Jersey State handicap Championship where he recorded a State high of 93×100. His next State Championship was the 1938 New Jersey State Singles Championship with a 198×200. Then in 1955, at the age of 65, he captured the New Jersey State All Around Championship with 370×400.  Shoots at Pine Belt in the summer always had a bushel of Lou’s sweet peaches on hand for free. Lou passed away in 1964 at the age of 75. He was married to Minnie nee Schneider in 1920; they had two boys Louis Jr. and Robert and nine grandchildren.  During his shooting career he shot at 31,875 singles, 13,400 handicap and 11,810 doubles targets.