Patricia Comly

ATA #3500160

Patricia Comly was born in Trenton, New jersey and has enjoyed sport shooting throughout her life.  During her childhood, pat’s father introduced her to both firearms and fishing and she first went hunting with her future husband, Tom, in 1952, before marrying him in 1953.  She began shooting targets with her mother-in-law in 1959 at the Quaker City Gun Club.  Patricia would later join the Women’s Trap Shooting League of Philadelphia and even served as its president in 1989.  She continued shooting registered targets in 1962 and then attended the New Jersey State Shoot the following year for the 1963-64 season.  Her interest in competitive trap shooting piqued, Patricia would attend nearly all New Jersey State Shoots, as many Eastern Zone Shoots as her schedule would allow for, and all Grand American Shoots in Vandalea Ohio with only two exceptions.  Pat’s shooting record earned her invitations to three separate women’s Olympic qualifying finals trials in 1978, ’82, and ’86.  Some of Patricia’s most memorable moments during her trap shooting career came during the 1976 and ’77 season when she won the Grand American International Ladies’ trophy, the New Jersey Ladies’ Championship in 1973 and the New Jersey Ladies’ high average for both singles and doubles handicap several times.  Patricia Comly’s trapshooting career lasted from 1958 until 2004-05 when a torn rotator cuff forced her retirement.  By that point Pat had tallied 93,050 singles, 47,875 handicaps, and 33,950 doubles targets.

In addition to her success on the range, the sport also gave Pat the opportunity to travel to over thirteen different states and both Great Britain and Mexico, but above all of those other accolades and opportunities Patricia cherished the wonderful friends and acquaintances she met while pursuing her sport and the time she spent with her family.  Patricia is the mother of two trapshooting sons, Bill and John.  John became the 1973 North American Champion and the Junior Champion at seventeen years of age.  Bill earned a sport on the New Jersey team, which won at the Grand in 1982.  The family of four has enjoyed shooting together for many years.  Patricia now has three grandchildren and all are interested in shooting and in their grandmother’s stories from her shooting career.  Of these, her fondest memories come from the Grand Shoots out in Vandalea, Ohio from the ’60s to the ’80s.  Today, Patricia Comly is enjoying a return to another one of her passions:  painting sea and landscapes.