Robert Malmstedt

ATA #8701728

Robert Malmstedt was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1959.  His family relocated to Somerville, New Jersey in 1967.  Bob and his brother, Bill, were introduced to the outdoors by their father, Wallace, who taught them to shoot hand thrown clay targets.  bob and Bill joined the Somerset County Fish and Game Protective Association’s Junior Rifle Club, where both earned distinguished expert ratings as they competed in the NRA small bore rifle program.  Bob admits that in his youth, he spent a fair amount of time hunting, fishing, trapping and trespassing.  After finding a job in a steel mill and needing relief from the shift work scheduled, he decided to give trapshooting a try at the Englishtown Public Shooting Center in late 1986.  Before the end of his first day shooting trap, he broke a perfect 25 from the 16 yard line.  This demonstration of shooting ability and determination foreshadowed the success he would attain in his shooting career.

Bob was introduced to registered shooting by Ed Zimmerman, who took him to Bucks County Fish and Game where he met Ed Yanchock, and was promptly signed up as an ATA member in 1987.  Bob shot all three events at his first shoot, recalling that he broke just 66 x 100 in his first round of doubles.  He eventually joined the North Jersey Gun Club and considers it his home club.  It was during this first year of competition that he was presented his first trophy for being the 21-22 yardage group Runner-up at the New Jersey State Handicap Championship.

Since joining the ATA, Bob has registered over 106,000 Singles targets, 83,000 Handicap and 77,000 Doubles targets.  He is a 25 time New Jersey State Trapshooting team member (22 times first team).  Bob has attended the New Jersey State shoot twenty seven times.  He is the owner of fourteen New Jersey State Championships, including two Singles (2004, 2013) =, two Doubles (1996, 2010), two Handicap (2006, 2008), four High All Around (2006, 2007, 2009, 2013) and four High Overall tropes (2006, 2008, 2010, 2013).  He has compiled another fourteen Runner-up trophies for these events.  In total, he has won 140 New Jersey State Shoot trophies during his career.

Bob has participated in the Grand American Trapshooting Tournament for 22 years.  He has won nine Grand American trophies.  His most significant win is the Clay Target Championship of  America Singles championship in 2011.  He has been named to the ATA All American Team ten times during his career.  (Men’s first team in 2005 and 2007 and second team in 1998, 2000, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).  Bob has surpassed the 250,000 target attainment milestone and was awarded the AAA27/AAA recognition pin for his performance during 2002 target year.

In addition, Bob’s major wins have included three Southern Grand, 15 Empire Grand, 18 Northeast Grand, 30 ATA Eastern Zone, 47 Delaware State Shoot, 43 Pennsylvania State/Colonial Classic, 22 Keystone Open, 22 Maryland State Shoot, 23 Westy Hogan, 15 Pennsylvania Grand and 8 Connecticut State Shoot trophies.

Bob is recognized by Krieghoff International as a member of the “Krieghoff Family of Trapshooters.”  He has enjoyed shooting with many friends as squad mates throughout his career.  Bob has also been very generous with his shooting knowledge, hosting trapshooting clinics at North Jersey, Pine Belt and Bucks County Fish and Game for local shooters.  In 2009, Bob was inducted into the Eastern United States Trapshooting Hall of Fame at a ceremony held in Millington, Maryland.