Robert Pagliughi

ATA #3514800

Robert PagliughiBob was born in May of 1927; he grew up on his Dad’s farm in Vineland New Jersey. They had a peach orchard and grew sweet potatoes on the thirty acres. Growing up, Bob was exposed to his father’s passion of hunting and trap
shooting. Bob’s father Louis was a renowned shooter in his own right. Bob would hunt small game with his Dad and friends.

The Pagliughi house was so large and the hunting in that area at that time was so good, that doctors, lawyers and other hunters from the Philadelphia area would travel to Louis and Bob’s home and sleep over for a few days for guided hunts. They were started by Lou and as Bob grew older he would be their guide.

Selling shooting supplies and firearms began innocently enough, Bob’s father Lou started out
purchasing shells and components for himself and because they lived in a remote area of the
State, his neighbors would ask Lou to buy ammo for them too. Bob worked with his Dad in
building the business. They started out of a building on their farm, initially retailing and then
wholesaling as well. As time went on, they kept adding additions to it, to accommodate the
expanding business. Along the way “Robert’s Shell” was incorporated and in 1974 Bob built a
retail store across the street from the farm. Being a distributer for Remington and Winchester
guns and ammunition, Federal ammunition and associated reloading supplies, bow and arrow
supplies, hunting clothing and the like were sold out of the new location. Also, by this time
“Roberts Shell” was a wholesale distributer of clay targets. He was so successful in supplying
guns and ammunition throughout the Middle Atlantic States that he won an all expense paid
trip once to Hawaii and once to Brazil. Bob and his father helped small clubs throughout the
area promote shooting clay targets. Clubs that couldn’t afford the upfront cost of buying targets
and shooting supplies “Roberts Shell” would let them pay for them after they were sold.
Shoots at Pine Belt in the summer always had a bushel of Bob’s sweet peaches on hand for free.

Bob passed away in May of 2000. He was married to Mildred (Kay) Caroline Risley in 1947;
they had two daughters Judy and Susan and two sons Robert and Jimmy.
During his shooting career he shot at 53,850 singles, 20,050 handicap and 14,200 doubles targets.