2015 New Jersey State Teams

Men’s First Team
Robert Malmstedt 95.57
Mark Wade 92.23
Michael Morgado 91.59
Thomas Clarke 91.34
Dan Biggs 91.19
Men’s Second Team
Thomas Green, Sr. 90.68
Gene F. Moir, Jr. 90.66
Marc Invidiato 90.61
Bobby Boehler 90.01
Jeff Whalen 89.98
Veterans Team
George Wright 89.63
Jack Godwin 88.71
Thomas Wolf 88.48
John Zultanky 86.96
Joe Sissano 86.44
Senior Veterans Team
Robert Long 89.98
Ladies Team
Patricia Slimm 87.17
Susan Emma 86.23
Kolleen Adams 83.31
Junior Team
Morgan Stevenson 89.92
Duncan Stevenson 89.28
Ean Taylor 88.27
Bryan Romanow 87.25
Emily Malone 84.14
Most Targets Shot 2014
John Godwin 30,900

To qualify for the State Teams, all shooters must participate in the 16-yard, handicap, and doubles championships
at that year’s State shoot (Saturday and Sunday). For the men’s and veteran’s teams, they are also required to shoot
a minimum of 2500 16-yard targets, 1500 handicap targets and 1000 doubles during the preceding ATA year;
and for the ladies state team 2000 16-yard targets, 1000 handicap targets and 500 doubles. Junior State Team
1000 16-yard targets, 500 handicap targets, and 500 doubles.